We have a selection of quality wooden boards available from Wild Wood.

These can be sold plain or engraved. 

The superb full grain finish of all our boards is warm and inviting, and will be appreciated more as it gracefully ages.

This versatile range is ideal for preparing food including cutting, chopping & carving of any kind. Our boards are designed to be used all day, every day and when cared for will last a long time. They are also great for serving cheese, tapas, mixed platters, pizzas and cakes.

Boards may be purchased from our online store or invoiced directly from Roccet Engraving.

Boards can be purchased engraved or unengraved.

And for a limited time you can supply your own design or send us something you would like and we will provide your design for no extra charge. 

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Large Everyday board

Limited stock. These boards are large and perfect for laying out that big cheese and dip feast. 60 x 26 x 1.3cm $59.95 + postage